Awards Night

We had a great night celebrating the accomplishments
of all of our clubbers!  

Awards Night 2014

Awards Night 2014

Thank you to all our leaders, helpers, and volunteers!
Just think of all the Scripture hidden in the hearts of these children;
what a joy that we get to join God where he is at work!

See you next year!

Fun Fair Time!

Awana Funfair 2014

This week was the Fun Fair.  Towards the end of the ministry year we bring in carnival games. Our gym is transformed and clubbers have a blast!

  • fishing pond
  • putt putt golf
  • football throw
  • “perfection”
  • sucker ring toss
  • face painting and tatoo parlor
  • rice krispie walk
  • about 20 stations

Each club has carnival time instead of game time, with Cubbies taking the last section (we ask parents to return to take their Cubbie to the Fun Fair). Our Game Guy acts as the sheriff, taking kids to the Hoosegow for a short time in “jail.” As always, a highlight and a great way to celebrate all the verses kids have memorized this year.

Ice Cream Incentive & Valentine’s Day Lesson

This week is our Ice Cream Sundae Incentive night!  A fun night and good motivator for clubbers to complete handbook sections.  Clubbers earned a Toppings Ticket for each section earned over the last two weeks, tonight they’ll get a scoop of ice cream and leaders will trade tickets for toppings, kids will create and eat a delicious sundae.

Since sugar is also the theme for the night, attention spans will be short — I’m going to teach on Friendship and incorporate it with Bingo.

Big Idea:  Valentine’s Day is a great day to let friends know you care about them.
Key Verse:  Psalm 19:14  …may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord… 

Give a short lesson on the acrostic Bingo, and then play a game or two of Bingo.

B is for Be a good friend (be kind, listen well, let friends know you care about them)
I is for Initiate Invitations (be the one to invite people to your home, to Awana, to the lunch table)
N is for Never Gossip (talk directly to people, if friends start to gossip leave the conversation)
G is for Greet One Another (be the first to extend the hand of friendship,it is a command, after all)
O is for Open your Heart to others (just as Jesus would do)



Cubbies Handouts and Helps

Check out our Cubbies pages for all kinds of helpful forms and handouts!

  • Snack Calendar and sign up sheet
  • Leaders Guide
  • Parent Handbook
  • A & C visual
  • Whole Body Listening visual
  • Cubbie Buddy Levels
  • Craft Summary and prep list
  • Games Summary and prep list
  • Year long calendar of verses

2013-14 Awana Kick-Off Weekend

It’s almost time to kick-off a new Awana year!
The 2013-14 Theme Night Calendar is posted on the Theme Nights page.

Here are some ideas for advertising your club:

  • At HCC we had a table in the lobby with handbooks, uniforms, and Awana flags to draw attention.   Directors, wearing their uniforms, manned the table answering questions and inviting families to join the Awana ministry.  It was helpful to have some signs that said “Ask Me about AWANA!”
  • This is also a great time to create interest with potential adult leaders.
  • To encourage families to register early, we offer a discount on the dues: save $10 if you register early.
  • Incorporate Awana’s primary color scheme into your events.
  • Put pictures on your brochure that show the different sections of the night. (see our link below for our brochure)

Check out our home page from some cool videos from Silly String Night, Giant Night, and Crazy Hair Night.

What are some helpful things your club does to get ready for a new ministry year?

Here’s to a great year!

T&T Praise & Worship Night

This year we’ve decided to make prayer and praise the focus for several of our large group times over our 30 weeks, modeling for our clubbers the value of coming before the Lord in supplication.

What are your favorite nights in Large Group Time?

Halloween Large Group Time

Sparks LGT

Here’s a fun story to tell about letting your light shine on Halloween for Sparkie age:   Pumpkin story



For T&T, I found this acrostic and expanded it to relay the gospel message.  Halloween T&T LGT 2012

P is for the People that Jesus came to save,
U is for the Unconditional love to each one He gave.
M is for the Message that we should all be sharing,
P is for the Priceless gift God above showed He is caring.
K is for the King of kings,
I is for the Insight He brings.
N is for the Nails in His hands,
S is for our Saviour who gave His life so we could stand.


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