Awana Grand Prix Tips

Our Grand Prix race day is right around the corner.

We host a Saturday workshop with volunteer experts who help families with the learn about the details of making a good racing car.  Important aspects to make your fast car are:

  • Weight — make sure your car is at the maximum weight
  • Preparing the axles properly — reducing friction
  • Axle location — is key

See this website for a great tutorial:  Tips for a FAST Pinewood Derby Car

Here’s an idea for a paint booth:

Check out Pinterest for :

  • car design ideas
  • snack ideas
  • decorating themes

to make your race day fabulous!


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This AwanaMama is always looking for ideas to use in our club.

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for:

  • crafts
  • large group time
  • Bible teaching tips
  • snacks
  • events

and tons more!  You can procrastinate for hours, I mean, find so many helps.

Take a few moments to check out something new for this week:   Awana on Pinterest


Downside Up Game

Downside Up

Get 30 cups (or more or less depending on group size) and spread them around the room, half the right way up, the other – upside down. Split the youth into to teams, on the word ‘Go’ – one team has to turn the cups the right way up, the other team has to turn them up side down, after a certain time limit, stop the game and the team with the most cups in their direction (up or down) wins!!!
More game ideas on this website:

LGT Marshmallow Night

Marshmallow Night has proven to be a great incentive night — clubbers earn a marshmallow for each section recited and signed off.   It’s great if you can incorporate the theme night idea into the lesson for the night.  Here’s an outline for a Large Group Time lesson that uses marshmallows:

Marshmallow Building Competition
Break into groups of 4, give each group 50 toothpicks & 100 mini-marshmallows.
Explain rules:  to build the tallest structure that is self-standing.
Give groups 5 minutes to strategize and build.
Determine winning team by measuring height.
Take time to admire each structure.
Discuss what we learned and Biblical/life applications:
  –  we each need a strong foundation
  –  not every idea/plan is a good one
  –  importance of working together
  –  eventually our time is up and we are judged by what we have done…are we ready for that and have we trusted in the Lord?
Have fun!
Adapted from this website

Jesus Uses our Ordinariness

How often do we think God only uses amazing people to do amazing things?  I was reminded today:

“You are not going to the Word for “special training.”
The purpose isn’t to become extraordinary.


After all, Jesus is in the business of using our ordinariness
to display His extraordinariness.


You are going to the Word to be with Jesus. To hang out with Him.
To get to know Him.”

(See the complete post here:  The 1 Verse…)

As you go to Awana this week remember that God can use you, no matter how ordinary you feel, to make a difference in someone’s life.

Each week as I drive to Awana, I contemplate Ephesians 2:10 — I was…created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  God has work for us to do as we serve our clubbers — what a privilege to work alongside Christ.

Though you may not feel you have much to offer, Jesus will take your “ordinariness” and use it to display His extraordinariness!

Blessings this week in your Awana club,

~ HCC’s Awana Mama


Do you want your kids to know WHO they are…or just what they should do?

Check out this website for a free resource  49 Identity Messages Your Kids Need to Know


New Game Time Fun!

Awana Speed Stacks


These are giant Speed Stack cups!  We’re going to use them during game time for something new and different.

Game time ideas video

You can find out more about Sport Stacking at


speed stacks

Theme Nights 2014-15

September 17 Welcome Back Night – wear your smiles
September 24 Baseball Cap Night – wear your favorite forward or backwards
October 1 Marshmallow Night – incentive – earn marshmallows for each section recited
October 8 VIP (Very Important Person) Night – bring a parent(s) or grandparent to club
October 15 World Outreach Night – discover how God works in Awana all around the world
October 22 Bring a Friend Night – introduce a friend or two to Awana
October 25 Awana Grand Prix Car Workshop – Saturday, 9:00 am – 12:00 in HCC workshop
October 29 Family Photo Night – bring photos of family to share
November 1 Awana Grand Prix Car Races – Saturday, 10:00 am – 12:00 in HCC Renton gym
November 5 Sticker Night – incentive – earn a sticker for each section recited
November 12 Crazy Hair Night – a hair-doooo extravaganza!
November 19 Sports Team Night — dress for your favorite sports team
December 3 Wrap-Up a Leader Night – incentive — selected Clubbers get to “gift wrap” a Leader
December 10 Silent Night Birthday Night – let’s celebrate Jesus’ birthday
December 17 No Club – Christmas Break – Girls T&T Christmas Party
January 7 Super Sized Game Night – let’s play with the really BIG stuff
January 14 Rescue Me Night – dress like you need to be rescued
January 16 Sparks Drive-In Movie Night – Friday in the Upper Gym Rooms – it’s fun in a box
January 21 Friends Night – incentive – show a friend how cool and fun Awana is
January 28 Pop Can Night – bring in aluminum cans which become Bibles for South African kids
February 4 Silly Sock Night – clothe your feet in pure silliness
February 11 Ice cream Sundae Night – incentive — earn a topping for sections recited
February 25 Zoo Night – bring a favorite stuffed animal
March 4 Crazy Hat Night – wear something cool or goofy on your head
March 11 Arctic Night – dress up for winter fun and “snowball” games
March 18 Dress Like a Mess Night – be a fashion disaster
March 25 Pudding Feast Night – selected winners have a “no hands” pudding eating contest
April 1 Fun Fair Carnival – incentive — celebrate a great year at club
April 15 Hawaiian Shirt Night – Aloha! (please no swim suits or flip-flops)
April 22 Freckles Night – incentive — give your leader some “freckles” and come with your own
April 29 Love Your Leader Night – bring a homemade card of appreciation or treat for your Leader
May 6 Balloon Bash Night – play balloon games during game time
May 13 Game Show Night – quizzing for Sparks and T&T; Cubbies wear your team colors
May 20 Awards Night and Celebration
May 27 No Club – T&T Move-up Party – welcome second graders to T&T


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