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Silly String Night

This is an incentive night, encouraging clubbers with a cool reward for completing sections in their handbook. 

For each section recited and signed off the last three weeks of club meetings, a clubber will get his/her name in the “hat.”  This week during game time, we’ll be drawing names from that “hat” and letting those clubbers spray a leader with a can of silly string.  Should be fun!



So glad you’ve joined us!  Awana is an incredible ministry:  whose goal is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and every week is building lives on the Word of God.

It’s a privilege for each of us to be able to work alongside God!  He’s at work at Highlands Community Church through this ministry and we are excited to be able to join Him in His work.

If you’re a newbie or a long time leader, you know that there’s tons of information about an Awana Club.  We’ve started this blog so you can get a weekly tip about Awana, and hopefully make the most out of the time you give to the children in our club.

Let’s get started!