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Safety Reminders

Here’s a quick review of safety policies for HCC:

Emergency Situations and Evacuations:  remind yourself of the evacuation plan for the rooms you are in on Wednesday evenings.  Remember to take the kids you’re in charge of and meet outside the building; the leader in charge of your child will bring your child to the meeting area.

Restroom Procedures:  Clubbers need to take a buddy to the restroom with them.  Remind them to return right away.  If an adult needs to be the buddy, we ask that you check the restroom for others, then wait outside the restroom for your clubber.

Parking Lot Safety:  Beware of kids dashing around the parking lot.  As spring fever hits and energy levels rise, we need to be especially careful to watch for kids as we drive.

Lock Down Procedures:  Hoping we never have this situation, we still need to be prepared to protect our children in case of emergency.  Know and review the lockdown procedures for HCC.

Speaking to Clubbers:  Working with children is a joy, yet they have their challenging moments.  If you find yourself frustrated by a child’s behavior, ask another leader to step in for you.  We are  role models for all clubbers and want them to see us treating each other with gentleness and with respect.

Drop Off and Pick Up:  Parents need to come in to the building and pick up their children.  Exceptions are allowed if the parent and leader have talked about an alternative.

If you have any questions, please talk to your director, the commander, or pastor.


Bring-A-Friend Alternatives

The purpose of Awana is to share the gospel with boys and girls so they can hear about God’s love for them.  Each handbook has a “bring a friend” section.    While we’d like clubbers to bring a friend to club and enjoy the experience of an Awana night, sometimes it doesn’t work out.  

Here are some club approved alternatives:

  • Ask friends that you have invited, but are unable to come, to sign their name on a paper.  Tape this paper into your handbook on the Bring A Friend section. (3 friends for Sparks, 5 friends for T&T)
  • Write Awana Invitation postcards to friends (ask the secretary for some).  Bring the addressed cards to Awana for your leader to see, then mail them.
  • Bring friends to Sunday School or another program at church.  Have your parent put a note in your handbook stating the event name and date.
  • Wear your uniform to school and explain Awana to anyone who asks about it.  Have your parent or teacher sign a note stating the day you wore your uniform.
  • Write a letter to a friend explaining what Awana is.  Give a sample salvation message and in invitation to Awana.  Bring the letter, with a stamped envelope so your leader can read it and them mail it to your friend.

God’s Word at Work

“We will hide God’s Word in our hearts”, the Sparkies sing in their theme song. How often do we stop to think about what that really means? Why do we put so much emphasis on learning about and memorizing God’s Word?

In the Sparks HangGlider book, Chloe asks her mom, “But what’s so special about the Bible? Why do we need to read it every night?” Her mom replies, “God wants to talk to us, and He wants us to listen to what He says. God talks to us through His Word, the Bible. That’s why it’s such a special book!”(p. 20-21).

Our God wanted to be able to communicate with us so He developed language and created us with the ability to use and understand it. He then inspired men to write His words in the Bible. He also gave us the ability to translate the Bible from the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic into many other languages so people all over the world can read His Words.

As it says in T&T Book 1, “God wants us to know about Him… That’s why He gave us the Bible. So we can know exactly what He wants us to know” (p. 8). John Piper says, “The great need of our time is for people to experience the living reality of God by hearing His Word personally and transformingly in Scripture”  (

 The Bible is important because God speaks to us through His Word. In our day of information overload, when the total amount of available knowledge grows incredibly rapidly, God has put everything He wants to tell us in one complete, always relevant, divinely-protected volume – the Bible.

God gave us His Word because He loves us.  If we love Him, we will cherish His words to us. The Bible is God’s free gift to us which points us to the ultimate gift from God — salvation.                    ~Laurie P

And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is at work in you who believe” (1 Thessalonians 2:13).

Our Purpose

Our Theme Song:  Building Lives on the Word of God, Awana Stands. 

Every week we have the privilege of joining God where He is at work, bringing up a new generation.  We have the joy of being a part of that faith building experience.    Because you’re here as a leader helper, five or six children can be here as part of our Christian community.

Our Motto:  Because Kids Matter to God

Each child is an image bearer of Christ and needs to know that God loves them, each and every one is precious to Him.  These children are our future, the faith leaders of tomorrow.

Our Goal:  To reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ, and train them to serve Him.

Reading, hearing, memorizing God’s Word has eternal value.  It is the most important thing in life, it gives life…it gives eternal life.

As you ponder these thoughts, I hope it will refresh you this week and remind you of the greater purpose of our Awana Club — God’s love, for you, for each child. 

Blessings to you this week.