Candy’s Not the Only Motivator

While it’s fun to motivate clubbers to say sections by offering candy, there are other non-sugary methods that parents appreciate:

  • Give clubber’s a sticker for each section recited.  Clubbers can try to fill up the inside cover of their handbook, or you can keep a chart for their progress.
  • Bring a container of small toys or puzzles (Legos, Silly Putty, etc) as rewards for saying sections. 
  • Draw a star, smiley face, or picture next to the section they completed.  Or write something to encourage them…Way to Go!  Excellent!
  • Buy a few small items, assign a “sections” price to each one, encourage your clubbers to complete sections so they can earn their prize.  When they see it each week in your basket, it will remind them of their goal to complete sections.

Any ideas that have worked for your handbook group?  Pass them along through the comments section.

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