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Cubbies Handouts and Helps

Check out our Cubbies pages for all kinds of helpful forms and handouts!

  • Snack Calendar and sign up sheet
  • Leaders Guide
  • Parent Handbook
  • A & C visual
  • Whole Body Listening visual
  • Cubbie Buddy Levels
  • Craft Summary and prep list
  • Games Summary and prep list
  • Year long calendar of verses

2013-14 Awana Kick-Off Weekend

It’s almost time to kick-off a new Awana year!
The 2013-14 Theme Night Calendar is posted on the Theme Nights page.

Here are some ideas for advertising your club:

  • At HCC we had a table in the lobby with handbooks, uniforms, and Awana flags to draw attention.   Directors, wearing their uniforms, manned the table answering questions and inviting families to join the Awana ministry.  It was helpful to have some signs that said “Ask Me about AWANA!”
  • This is also a great time to create interest with potential adult leaders.
  • To encourage families to register early, we offer a discount on the dues: save $10 if you register early.
  • Incorporate Awana’s primary color scheme into your events.
  • Put pictures on your brochure that show the different sections of the night. (see our link below for our brochure)

Check out our home page from some cool videos from Silly String Night, Giant Night, and Crazy Hair Night.

What are some helpful things your club does to get ready for a new ministry year?

Here’s to a great year!