Ice Cream Incentive & Valentine’s Day Lesson

This week is our Ice Cream Sundae Incentive night!  A fun night and good motivator for clubbers to complete handbook sections.  Clubbers earned a Toppings Ticket for each section earned over the last two weeks, tonight they’ll get a scoop of ice cream and leaders will trade tickets for toppings, kids will create and eat a delicious sundae.

Since sugar is also the theme for the night, attention spans will be short — I’m going to teach on Friendship and incorporate it with Bingo.

Big Idea:  Valentine’s Day is a great day to let friends know you care about them.
Key Verse:  Psalm 19:14  …may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord… 

Give a short lesson on the acrostic Bingo, and then play a game or two of Bingo.

B is for Be a good friend (be kind, listen well, let friends know you care about them)
I is for Initiate Invitations (be the one to invite people to your home, to Awana, to the lunch table)
N is for Never Gossip (talk directly to people, if friends start to gossip leave the conversation)
G is for Greet One Another (be the first to extend the hand of friendship,it is a command, after all)
O is for Open your Heart to others (just as Jesus would do)



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