Incentive Night Ideas

Incentive Nights are meant to encourage clubbers to memorize sections in their handbooks.

Some kids respond to a reward for each section:

  • a sticker
  • a pencil
  • a giant marshmallow

Some kids like to win a contest (for example:  the 3 clubbers who recite the most sections win a spot in the contest)

  • pudding feast contest:  cups of pudding are put on a plate, clubbers eat up the pudding with hands behind their backs
  • jello slurp contest: make jello with a little more water than the recipe calls for, clubbers slurp up a bowl of jello with a straw
  • pie in the leaders face

Other incentive nights we’ve implemented:

  • popcorn night – say 3 sections in a row, get a bag of popcorn
  • wrap up a leader night – top reciters get to wrap a leader in Christmas paper
  • stilly string a leader
  • for T&T – sticker chart, a visual way for kids to see their progress
  • super section Saturday – leaders meet for a few hours on a Saturday to listen to kids sections; clubbers have a concentrated time to work in their handbooks

Try incorporating one incentive night per month as a way to help your clubbers finish a handbook.

What incentives work for your Awana club?



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