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Awards Night 2015

Awana awards


It’s almost time!!  Can’t wait to reward clubbers who have worked hard this year.


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Awards Night

We had a great night celebrating the accomplishments
of all of our clubbers!  

Awards Night 2014

Awards Night 2014

Thank you to all our leaders, helpers, and volunteers!
Just think of all the Scripture hidden in the hearts of these children;
what a joy that we get to join God where he is at work!

See you next year!

2013-14 Awana Kick-Off Weekend

It’s almost time to kick-off a new Awana year!
The 2013-14 Theme Night Calendar is posted on the Theme Nights page.

Here are some ideas for advertising your club:

  • At HCC we had a table in the lobby with handbooks, uniforms, and Awana flags to draw attention.   Directors, wearing their uniforms, manned the table answering questions and inviting families to join the Awana ministry.  It was helpful to have some signs that said “Ask Me about AWANA!”
  • This is also a great time to create interest with potential adult leaders.
  • To encourage families to register early, we offer a discount on the dues: save $10 if you register early.
  • Incorporate Awana’s primary color scheme into your events.
  • Put pictures on your brochure that show the different sections of the night. (see our link below for our brochure)

Check out our home page from some cool videos from Silly String Night, Giant Night, and Crazy Hair Night.

What are some helpful things your club does to get ready for a new ministry year?

Here’s to a great year!

Awana — Celebrating 60 Years

Gearing up for a new ministry year in Awana.  Calendar is set, supplies and new patches have been bought and organized, families are beginning to register children, and we’re excited to see what God has planned this year.

Generation after generation Awana has been building lives on the Word of God.    Here are reasons Awana has stood the test of time:

  • Awana is a gospel outreach to friends, family, and neighbors
  • Awana provides discipleship and Scripture memorization
  • It’s a ministry your whole family can participate in
  • Volunteer training is key
  • Comes alongside families to raise spiritually strong kids

What a privilege we have, to serve others, to have some small part in their walk with Christ, and to work beside our Lord and Savior.

Here’s to another fabulous year of theme nights, games, special speakers,
and learning God’s Word!   Clubbers ready?  Let’s go!

Awards Night

Awana Awards Celebration

May 19, 2010


Worship Center, HCC


Come and see… the  Book of Jonah

presented completely from memory

by Keith Ferrin

That You May Know Ministries

He’ll also share about how to Internalize Scripture and
commit long passages of Scripture to memory

 This will be a fun and inspiring evening.

Family and Friends are invited to attend

 Cookies and punch afterwards, in the Fellowship Hall

God’s Word at Work

“We will hide God’s Word in our hearts”, the Sparkies sing in their theme song. How often do we stop to think about what that really means? Why do we put so much emphasis on learning about and memorizing God’s Word?

In the Sparks HangGlider book, Chloe asks her mom, “But what’s so special about the Bible? Why do we need to read it every night?” Her mom replies, “God wants to talk to us, and He wants us to listen to what He says. God talks to us through His Word, the Bible. That’s why it’s such a special book!”(p. 20-21).

Our God wanted to be able to communicate with us so He developed language and created us with the ability to use and understand it. He then inspired men to write His words in the Bible. He also gave us the ability to translate the Bible from the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic into many other languages so people all over the world can read His Words.

As it says in T&T Book 1, “God wants us to know about Him… That’s why He gave us the Bible. So we can know exactly what He wants us to know” (p. 8). John Piper says, “The great need of our time is for people to experience the living reality of God by hearing His Word personally and transformingly in Scripture”  (

 The Bible is important because God speaks to us through His Word. In our day of information overload, when the total amount of available knowledge grows incredibly rapidly, God has put everything He wants to tell us in one complete, always relevant, divinely-protected volume – the Bible.

God gave us His Word because He loves us.  If we love Him, we will cherish His words to us. The Bible is God’s free gift to us which points us to the ultimate gift from God — salvation.                    ~Laurie P

And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is at work in you who believe” (1 Thessalonians 2:13).