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Incentive Night Ideas

Incentive Nights are meant to encourage clubbers to memorize sections in their handbooks.

Some kids respond to a reward for each section:

  • a sticker
  • a pencil
  • a giant marshmallow

Some kids like to win a contest (for example:  the 3 clubbers who recite the most sections win a spot in the contest)

  • pudding feast contest:  cups of pudding are put on a plate, clubbers eat up the pudding with hands behind their backs
  • jello slurp contest: make jello with a little more water than the recipe calls for, clubbers slurp up a bowl of jello with a straw
  • pie in the leaders face

Other incentive nights we’ve implemented:

  • popcorn night – say 3 sections in a row, get a bag of popcorn
  • wrap up a leader night – top reciters get to wrap a leader in Christmas paper
  • stilly string a leader
  • for T&T – sticker chart, a visual way for kids to see their progress
  • super section Saturday – leaders meet for a few hours on a Saturday to listen to kids sections; clubbers have a concentrated time to work in their handbooks

Try incorporating one incentive night per month as a way to help your clubbers finish a handbook.

What incentives work for your Awana club?




Cubbies Handouts and Helps

Check out our Cubbies pages for all kinds of helpful forms and handouts!

  • Snack Calendar and sign up sheet
  • Leaders Guide
  • Parent Handbook
  • A & C visual
  • Whole Body Listening visual
  • Cubbie Buddy Levels
  • Craft Summary and prep list
  • Games Summary and prep list
  • Year long calendar of verses

Calling Clubbers

Making a weekly call to each of the kids in your group is a wonderful little ministry.  It just takes a few minutes to make a child feel special, receiving a phone call, and it helps them see that they are an important part of our club.

It’s also a good way to get to know other parents and build relationships with them.

Not sure what to say during your weekly call?

  • Ask the clubber a question, like “What’s your favorite ice cream?”
  • Ask them which sections they’re working on in their handbook
  • Talk about the upcoming theme night or the counsel time message from last week

A minute or two can impact a child’s life.  Thanks for making the time for a few short calls.

Safety Reminders

Here’s a quick review of safety policies for HCC:

Emergency Situations and Evacuations:  remind yourself of the evacuation plan for the rooms you are in on Wednesday evenings.  Remember to take the kids you’re in charge of and meet outside the building; the leader in charge of your child will bring your child to the meeting area.

Restroom Procedures:  Clubbers need to take a buddy to the restroom with them.  Remind them to return right away.  If an adult needs to be the buddy, we ask that you check the restroom for others, then wait outside the restroom for your clubber.

Parking Lot Safety:  Beware of kids dashing around the parking lot.  As spring fever hits and energy levels rise, we need to be especially careful to watch for kids as we drive.

Lock Down Procedures:  Hoping we never have this situation, we still need to be prepared to protect our children in case of emergency.  Know and review the lockdown procedures for HCC.

Speaking to Clubbers:  Working with children is a joy, yet they have their challenging moments.  If you find yourself frustrated by a child’s behavior, ask another leader to step in for you.  We are  role models for all clubbers and want them to see us treating each other with gentleness and with respect.

Drop Off and Pick Up:  Parents need to come in to the building and pick up their children.  Exceptions are allowed if the parent and leader have talked about an alternative.

If you have any questions, please talk to your director, the commander, or pastor.

Handbook Time Helps

Here are a few suggestions for making sure you make the most of handbook time:

  • Start your group in prayer.  A short prayer will help set the tone and remind clubbers that God is their helper.
  • Spend time with each clubber.  If they don’t have a section prepared, take a few moments to work through a verse together.
  • Help your clubbers understand the Scripture, not just recite the words.
  • Encourage your clubbers to help each other with their sections.
  • Use incentives, like stickers or small toys to occupy their hands.
  • Clubbers should be in control, working on their verse, coloring, or talking quietly.

Handbook time passes quickly but is so important!

Silly String Night

This is an incentive night theme.  For the last three weeks, clubbers who have had a section signed off get them name put into a “hat”.  This week during game time, we’ll draw names from the “hat”.  Those clubbers will get to spray a leader with a can of silly string.

We’ve never tried this before but expect it to be a big hit.  Hopefully clubbers have

“Can I Go First?” Creating Order During Handbook Time

Every clubber wants to be the first to say their sections…

Or maybe the same clubber asks each week to be the first in line.

Try these methods to create order in your handbook group:

*Bring a bag or envelope with numbered slips inside.  Each week clubbers draw from the bag to choose a number.  Number 1 recites sections first, number 2 next, so on.

*Keep a list with a rotating schedule on it:  Clubber A went first this week, next week they move to second position.

Be sure to spend several minutes with each clubber in your group.  Help them work on memorizing a section or understanding the meaning of a verse.