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What kind of fun and games do you have planned for Awana this year?

speed stacks


Downside Up Game

Downside Up

Get 30 cups (or more or less depending on group size) and spread them around the room, half the right way up, the other – upside down. Split the youth into to teams, on the word ‘Go’ – one team has to turn the cups the right way up, the other team has to turn them up side down, after a certain time limit, stop the game and the team with the most cups in their direction (up or down) wins!!!
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New Game Time Fun!

Awana Speed Stacks


These are giant Speed Stack cups!  We’re going to use them during game time for something new and different.

Game time ideas video

You can find out more about Sport Stacking at


speed stacks

Fun Fair Time!

Awana Funfair 2014

This week was the Fun Fair.  Towards the end of the ministry year we bring in carnival games. Our gym is transformed and clubbers have a blast!

  • fishing pond
  • putt putt golf
  • football throw
  • “perfection”
  • sucker ring toss
  • face painting and tatoo parlor
  • rice krispie walk
  • about 20 stations

Each club has carnival time instead of game time, with Cubbies taking the last section (we ask parents to return to take their Cubbie to the Fun Fair). Our Game Guy acts as the sheriff, taking kids to the Hoosegow for a short time in “jail.” As always, a highlight and a great way to celebrate all the verses kids have memorized this year.

Game: Four Colors

This game has been a real hit with the Sparks.

I found some giant hard foam dice at Target; bought fat quarters of fabric in Awana colors, sewed five sides into a cube, put the dice inside, handstitched the top together, and presto!  Colored dice. 

For the game, the kids have 10 seconds to run around the game square, then choose one of the colored lines to stand on.  A count down from 10 to 1 makes it even more exciting.  The Game Guy throws one die into the air, the clubbers love to watch the die come down and bounce around, the suspense is wonderful!  The line whose color lands on the top of the die it out.

We play this for several more rounds; the kids that are left standing stand on their team color and points are awarded.  This is a great filler if you have a few minutes but don’t want to get any equipment out.   Kids get to run and make choices, and the thrill of watching the dice makes it a great game.

Silly String Night

This is an incentive night theme.  For the last three weeks, clubbers who have had a section signed off get them name put into a “hat”.  This week during game time, we’ll draw names from the “hat”.  Those clubbers will get to spray a leader with a can of silly string.

We’ve never tried this before but expect it to be a big hit.  Hopefully clubbers have