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Coloring Pages


It’s always handy to have some coloring pages on hand for clubbers.

Here’s a few links you might find helpful:



Your Team Book-Bin

Each color team has a plastic bin for handbooks, Bibles, coloring sheets, etc. things you’ll need to make your night run smoothly. 

  • Please keep your bin tidy
  • Return any unused coloring sheets to your director
  • Help put the bins in order and away in the storage cupboard at the end of each night
  • If you need supplies, ask your director

Remind clubbers to put their coats in the colored tubs for Sparks, or on the hooks in the hallway  for T&T.

Theme Nights & Incentive Nights

We have theme nights to make club fun.  Leaders are invited to fully participate.  Where else can you act like a kid and feel completely comfortable?  Awana!

Incentive Nights are times when we encourage clubbers to finish sections in their handbook.  It’s based on God’s principle:  if you do the work, you earn the reward. 

As leaders, we need your help in implementing incentive nights.  If a clubber has not completed the requirements set for the night, they cannot earn the prize.  We might feel sad for them, but also realize that the feeling of not acheiving the prize is the purpose:  if they want the prize the next time they’ll work for it, next time they’ll memorize sections and be rewarded.  And that’s the purpose of incentive nights: encouraging clubbers to memorize Scripture.

Candy’s Not the Only Motivator

While it’s fun to motivate clubbers to say sections by offering candy, there are other non-sugary methods that parents appreciate:

  • Give clubber’s a sticker for each section recited.  Clubbers can try to fill up the inside cover of their handbook, or you can keep a chart for their progress.
  • Bring a container of small toys or puzzles (Legos, Silly Putty, etc) as rewards for saying sections. 
  • Draw a star, smiley face, or picture next to the section they completed.  Or write something to encourage them…Way to Go!  Excellent!
  • Buy a few small items, assign a “sections” price to each one, encourage your clubbers to complete sections so they can earn their prize.  When they see it each week in your basket, it will remind them of their goal to complete sections.

Any ideas that have worked for your handbook group?  Pass them along through the comments section.

Bring-A-Friend Alternatives

The purpose of Awana is to share the gospel with boys and girls so they can hear about God’s love for them.  Each handbook has a “bring a friend” section.    While we’d like clubbers to bring a friend to club and enjoy the experience of an Awana night, sometimes it doesn’t work out.  

Here are some club approved alternatives:

  • Ask friends that you have invited, but are unable to come, to sign their name on a paper.  Tape this paper into your handbook on the Bring A Friend section. (3 friends for Sparks, 5 friends for T&T)
  • Write Awana Invitation postcards to friends (ask the secretary for some).  Bring the addressed cards to Awana for your leader to see, then mail them.
  • Bring friends to Sunday School or another program at church.  Have your parent put a note in your handbook stating the event name and date.
  • Wear your uniform to school and explain Awana to anyone who asks about it.  Have your parent or teacher sign a note stating the day you wore your uniform.
  • Write a letter to a friend explaining what Awana is.  Give a sample salvation message and in invitation to Awana.  Bring the letter, with a stamped envelope so your leader can read it and them mail it to your friend.

Helping Clubbers Memorize

Memorizing Scripture can be like putting together a puzzle.  Contecting the words in just the right way, remembering the reference, and getting all the pieces to fit can be a challenge. 

Here are some ideas, for a variety of ages, to help your clubbers memorize their sections:

  • Have the child make flash cards
  • Ask the child to teach you the section
  • Print the first letter of each word in a verse on an index card.  As the child uses the letters as a clue, they are actually memorizing the verse
  • Have the child use a small white board to write out the verse.  They can then erase a word at a time as they memorize the Scripture
  • Bounce a ball, saying one word of the section on each bounce
  • Write the verses on a 3×5 card, write the reference on the back, play a memory game by flipping over the cards

Handbook Time Helps

Here are a few suggestions for making sure you make the most of handbook time:

  • Start your group in prayer.  A short prayer will help set the tone and remind clubbers that God is their helper.
  • Spend time with each clubber.  If they don’t have a section prepared, take a few moments to work through a verse together.
  • Help your clubbers understand the Scripture, not just recite the words.
  • Encourage your clubbers to help each other with their sections.
  • Use incentives, like stickers or small toys to occupy their hands.
  • Clubbers should be in control, working on their verse, coloring, or talking quietly.

Handbook time passes quickly but is so important!