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The Pumpkin Gospel

I found this gem on Pinterest: the Pumpkin Gospel.


It’s a fun presentation for large group time with a message that your clubbers will remember: God creates us, cares for us, removes our sin and makes us a new creation; now let your light shine for Him.

You can include a few questions to small group leaders for futher discussion.



Marshmallow Night

Marshmallow Night has proven to be a great incentive night — clubbers earn a marshmallow for each section recited and signed off.   It’s great if you can incorporate the theme night idea into the lesson for the night.  Here’s an outline for a Large Group Time lesson that uses marshmallows:

Marshmallow Building Competition
Break into groups of 4, give each group 50 toothpicks & 100 mini-marshmallows.
Explain rules:  to build the tallest structure that is self-standing.
Give groups 5 minutes to strategize and build.
Determine winning team by measuring height.
Take time to admire each structure.
Discuss what we learned and Biblical/life applications:
  –  we each need a strong foundation
  –  not every idea/plan is a good one
  –  importance of working together
  –  eventually our time is up and we are judged by what we have done…are we ready for that and have we trusted in the Lord?
Have fun!
Adapted from this website

T&T Praise & Worship Night

This year we’ve decided to make prayer and praise the focus for several of our large group times over our 30 weeks, modeling for our clubbers the value of coming before the Lord in supplication.

What are your favorite nights in Large Group Time?

Halloween Large Group Time

Sparks LGT

Here’s a fun story to tell about letting your light shine on Halloween for Sparkie age:   Pumpkin story



For T&T, I found this acrostic and expanded it to relay the gospel message.  Halloween T&T LGT 2012

P is for the People that Jesus came to save,
U is for the Unconditional love to each one He gave.
M is for the Message that we should all be sharing,
P is for the Priceless gift God above showed He is caring.
K is for the King of kings,
I is for the Insight He brings.
N is for the Nails in His hands,
S is for our Saviour who gave His life so we could stand.

Thankful Hearts Night

It’s Thankful Hearts Night tonight.  We’ll be collecting non-perishable food items to donate to the Salvation Army Food Bank.

The lesson tonight is on Being Gracious.  Gracious is defined as: to show kindness, courteous, to be compassionate.  Our key verse is Proverbs 19:11 A man’s wisdom gives him patience, it is to his glory to overlook an offense.

This verse has been a staple around my house, as I taught my kids (tried to teach them), to handle conflict in a godly manner.  If you’re interested in my lesson, email me and I’ll send off a copy.

Also found a helpful blog post on the same verse over at The Better Mom

Happy Thanksgiving!


Awana Lesson Being Gracious