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Finding Ideas for Your Club

Looking for ideas for the year ahead?

Follow Awana on Facebook, where you can read their blogs and find all kinds of information.

For craft ideas, go to Red Ted Art on Facebook.  Cute and easy ideas for craft time.

Search for Awana on Pinterest

Books of hte Bible

Hope this year is life changing for your clubbers!


Awana Grand Prix Tips

Our Grand Prix race day is right around the corner.

We host a Saturday workshop with volunteer experts who help families with the learn about the details of making a good racing car.  Important aspects to make your fast car are:

  • Weight — make sure your car is at the maximum weight
  • Preparing the axles properly — reducing friction
  • Axle location — is key

See this website for a great tutorial:  Tips for a FAST Pinewood Derby Car

Here’s an idea for a paint booth:

Check out Pinterest for :

  • car design ideas
  • snack ideas
  • decorating themes

to make your race day fabulous!


Bringing Scripture Alive

Imagine…God’s Word brought to life in a one man play.  It’s incredible, and we’ve just experienced it again.

Keith Ferrin, from That You May Know Ministries, has an amazing way of bringing Scripture to life.

When the clubbers see him recite a book of the Bible from memory, they are inspired.   Some of the kids like to follow along in the Bible and see if he can say a whole book word for word. Others just sit and watch the “play”.  He inspired all of us, leaders and parents, to long for God’s Word, to love it, to talk about it, to internalize it.

In today’s culture, when kids are always connected to something, help them stay connected to God’s Word through memorizing the living, active, powerful word of God.


So glad you’ve joined us!  Awana is an incredible ministry:  whose goal is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and every week is building lives on the Word of God.

It’s a privilege for each of us to be able to work alongside God!  He’s at work at Highlands Community Church through this ministry and we are excited to be able to join Him in His work.

If you’re a newbie or a long time leader, you know that there’s tons of information about an Awana Club.  We’ve started this blog so you can get a weekly tip about Awana, and hopefully make the most out of the time you give to the children in our club.

Let’s get started!