Our Superduper, amazingly talented Cubbies Director, Barb Hovater, shares her forms and handouts:

Calendar Snack Signup  A description of snacks we need so parents can sign up

Calendar Snack Summary  Our plan for snacks for each week

Snack Request  Send this reminder home with parents

Leader Guide   Information for leaders

Parent Handbook  Information for parents

Quick Notes for Parents Information for parents in a different form

A-C verses:  a visual for working on all A and C verses all year long. (Barb suggests laminating this)

Whole Body Listening A visual to help Cubbies learn what it means to listen

Cubbie Buddy Levels A visual to help Cubbies understand the level we’re at and what’s expected of them

Craft Summary  A shopping list for our crafts, Help your craft preparer

Games Summary A list of games and the supplies needed to play them.  Also, copy the “Play Time” page out of the Awana Cubbies Curriculum into one binder for the game leader.  Include a one-page verse sheet so the game leader can incorporate the verse into game time

Calendar Verses  Quick reference of verses for the entire handbook


6 responses to this post.

  1. Can you send me a copy of the Calendar Verses so I can edit with our dates?
    Donna Doel
    AWANA Commander
    FSBC Topeka,


  2. Posted by Sheri Henderson on October 18, 2015 at 8:58 am

    Hi, I am a cubbie director at Petsworth Baptist Church. I somehow lost my resource cd that comes with the Appleseed lesson book. I have looked in the awana store and the only way I can see to get a new one is to buy the book again, another $40. Do you know of anyone who might have one and doesnt need it anymore? Thanks for your help and input, Sheri Henderson


  3. Posted by Von Hignight on September 10, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Sheri Henderson, were you able to purchase just the CD? I am in same predicament, I seem to have lost my Cubbe Resource CD….


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