Fun Calendar Idea


Make your calendar fun and engaging for clubbers!
This visual makes you want to join in on every theme night.

Do you have a favorite theme night? ¬†Leave a comment — we’re always looking for new ideas ūüôā

(I know the year is winding down but it’s always good to file away ideas for next year.)


Ice Cream Night

15 Awana ice cream night

Ice Cream Sundae night is always a favorite!

This incentive night is meant to encourage clubbers to complete sections in their handbook. ¬†For each section recited, clubbers get a “topping ticket”. ¬†Each clubber get a scoop of ice cream and then can trade tickets to make a delicious sundae.

Toppings include:

  • chocolate chips
  • mini marshmallows
  • gummy worms
  • sliced bananas
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate and caramel sauce

Give this fun theme night a try!

Coloring Pages


It’s always handy to have some coloring pages on hand for clubbers.

Here’s a few links you might find helpful:


Incentive Night Ideas

Incentive Nights are meant to encourage clubbers to memorize sections in their handbooks.

Some kids respond to a reward for each section:

  • a sticker
  • a pencil
  • a giant marshmallow

Some kids like to win a contest (for example:  the 3 clubbers who recite the most sections win a spot in the contest)

  • pudding feast contest: ¬†cups of pudding are put on a plate, clubbers eat up the pudding with hands behind their backs
  • jello slurp contest: make jello with a little more water than the recipe calls for, clubbers slurp up a bowl of jello with a straw
  • pie in the leaders face

Other incentive nights we’ve implemented:

  • popcorn night – say 3 sections in a row, get a bag of popcorn
  • wrap up a leader night – top reciters get to wrap a leader in Christmas paper
  • stilly string a leader
  • for T&T – sticker chart, a visual way for kids to see their progress
  • super section Saturday – leaders meet for a few hours on a Saturday to listen to kids sections; clubbers have a concentrated time to work in their handbooks

Try incorporating one incentive night per month as a way to help your clubbers finish a handbook.

What incentives work for your Awana club?



Awana Advent Devotional

Christmas is a loud time. A loud time when we crave quiet.

The kind of quiet that provides space and brings the sense of expectation that we’re all created to enjoy. This Christmas, center your thoughts on the Savior who was expected. But still surprises.

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Awana Grand Prix Tips

Our Grand Prix race day is right around the corner.

We host a Saturday workshop with volunteer experts who help families with the learn about the details of making a good racing car.  Important aspects to make your fast car are:

  • Weight — make sure your car is at the maximum weight
  • Preparing the axles properly — reducing friction
  • Axle location — is key

See this website for a great tutorial:  Tips for a FAST Pinewood Derby Car

Here’s an idea for a paint booth:

Check out Pinterest for :

  • car design ideas
  • snack ideas
  • decorating themes

to make your race day fabulous!


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