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Helping Clubbers Memorize

Memorizing Scripture can be like putting together a puzzle.  Contecting the words in just the right way, remembering the reference, and getting all the pieces to fit can be a challenge. 

Here are some ideas, for a variety of ages, to help your clubbers memorize their sections:

  • Have the child make flash cards
  • Ask the child to teach you the section
  • Print the first letter of each word in a verse on an index card.  As the child uses the letters as a clue, they are actually memorizing the verse
  • Have the child use a small white board to write out the verse.  They can then erase a word at a time as they memorize the Scripture
  • Bounce a ball, saying one word of the section on each bounce
  • Write the verses on a 3×5 card, write the reference on the back, play a memory game by flipping over the cards