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Bring-A-Friend Alternatives

The purpose of Awana is to share the gospel with boys and girls so they can hear about God’s love for them.  Each handbook has a “bring a friend” section.    While we’d like clubbers to bring a friend to club and enjoy the experience of an Awana night, sometimes it doesn’t work out.  

Here are some club approved alternatives:

  • Ask friends that you have invited, but are unable to come, to sign their name on a paper.  Tape this paper into your handbook on the Bring A Friend section. (3 friends for Sparks, 5 friends for T&T)
  • Write Awana Invitation postcards to friends (ask the secretary for some).  Bring the addressed cards to Awana for your leader to see, then mail them.
  • Bring friends to Sunday School or another program at church.  Have your parent put a note in your handbook stating the event name and date.
  • Wear your uniform to school and explain Awana to anyone who asks about it.  Have your parent or teacher sign a note stating the day you wore your uniform.
  • Write a letter to a friend explaining what Awana is.  Give a sample salvation message and in invitation to Awana.  Bring the letter, with a stamped envelope so your leader can read it and them mail it to your friend.