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Popcorn Incentive Night

This week is another incentive night, we’re trying to encourage clubbers to finish their handbooks before the end of the year (only 10 nights left).

In order to earn a ticket for a bag of popcorn, clubbers need to have 3 sections-in-a-row completed and signed by their leader during club.  Our purpose in setting the 3-in-a-row rule:  trying to prevent kids from skipping around in their handbook to find the easier sections to sign off  in order to receive the reward. 

Clubbers will get a ticket for popcorn when they have their sections signed off at the secretaries table.  (Leaders, it would be a good idea to write the clubbers name on the ticket.)

Two leaders will pop the corn Wednesday afternoon, bag it, and have it ready for the end of the evening.  As clubbers leave for the night, they can turn in the ticket for their prize.

As a reminder, this is an incentive night–clubbers will only get popcorn if they have worked in their handbook, 3 sections in a row.  We know some kids will be disappointed that they didn’t earn a prize; use this time to explain to them how they can get the prize next time…complete sections.


Awana T&T Candy Contest

Our Candy Contest for T&T was a great!  70% of our 80 T&T clubbers participated.

We announced the Candy Contest in January and allowed clubbers 5 weeks to work on completing handbook sections before closing the contest.  We set the following standards:  if clubbers finished 8 sections, they could receive a small candy, 12 sections for a medium size candy, and 20 sections for a large candy.

We purchased some charts from a nearby Learning Center, wrote each clubbers name on a line, and then gave them a sticker for each section recited for the 5 weeks of the contest.   The clubber’s tracked their own progress, and that was part of the fun. 

 This was a great visual, both for clubbers and for parents.  At the end of the night, I noticed kids showing parents their progress…a little peer pressure can be a good thing, that’s exactly why we have incentive nights, to get kids (and parents) motivated to complete their handbooks  (12 kids worked hard for 20 sections and the large candy choice).

This incentive night was a keeper!