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Downside Up Game

Downside Up

Get 30 cups (or more or less depending on group size) and spread them around the room, half the right way up, the other – upside down. Split the youth into to teams, on the word ‘Go’ – one team has to turn the cups the right way up, the other team has to turn them up side down, after a certain time limit, stop the game and the team with the most cups in their direction (up or down) wins!!!
More game ideas on this website:

Marshmallow Night

Marshmallow Night has proven to be a great incentive night — clubbers earn a marshmallow for each section recited and signed off.   It’s great if you can incorporate the theme night idea into the lesson for the night.  Here’s an outline for a Large Group Time lesson that uses marshmallows:

Marshmallow Building Competition
Break into groups of 4, give each group 50 toothpicks & 100 mini-marshmallows.
Explain rules:  to build the tallest structure that is self-standing.
Give groups 5 minutes to strategize and build.
Determine winning team by measuring height.
Take time to admire each structure.
Discuss what we learned and Biblical/life applications:
  –  we each need a strong foundation
  –  not every idea/plan is a good one
  –  importance of working together
  –  eventually our time is up and we are judged by what we have done…are we ready for that and have we trusted in the Lord?
Have fun!
Adapted from this website

Fun Fair Time!

Awana Funfair 2014

This week was the Fun Fair.  Towards the end of the ministry year we bring in carnival games. Our gym is transformed and clubbers have a blast!

  • fishing pond
  • putt putt golf
  • football throw
  • “perfection”
  • sucker ring toss
  • face painting and tatoo parlor
  • rice krispie walk
  • about 20 stations

Each club has carnival time instead of game time, with Cubbies taking the last section (we ask parents to return to take their Cubbie to the Fun Fair). Our Game Guy acts as the sheriff, taking kids to the Hoosegow for a short time in “jail.” As always, a highlight and a great way to celebrate all the verses kids have memorized this year.

T&T Praise & Worship Night

This year we’ve decided to make prayer and praise the focus for several of our large group times over our 30 weeks, modeling for our clubbers the value of coming before the Lord in supplication.

What are your favorite nights in Large Group Time?

Awana T&T Candy Contest

Our Candy Contest for T&T was a great!  70% of our 80 T&T clubbers participated.

We announced the Candy Contest in January and allowed clubbers 5 weeks to work on completing handbook sections before closing the contest.  We set the following standards:  if clubbers finished 8 sections, they could receive a small candy, 12 sections for a medium size candy, and 20 sections for a large candy.

We purchased some charts from a nearby Learning Center, wrote each clubbers name on a line, and then gave them a sticker for each section recited for the 5 weeks of the contest.   The clubber’s tracked their own progress, and that was part of the fun. 

 This was a great visual, both for clubbers and for parents.  At the end of the night, I noticed kids showing parents their progress…a little peer pressure can be a good thing, that’s exactly why we have incentive nights, to get kids (and parents) motivated to complete their handbooks  (12 kids worked hard for 20 sections and the large candy choice).

This incentive night was a keeper!